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Machine for gravity die casting, die casting, mould casting in the foundry GTR

GTR Casting Technology : The specialist in cast components

Employees test 3D arm assembly at foundry GTR casting technology

Consultation to delivery : Cast components from investment, static and pressure die-casting

We offer you global purchasing of high quality cast components, as well as in-house production and assembly of tested components. Customers, especially from the areas of vehicle and mechanical engineering, the automotive industry and medical technology have been trusting our know-how since our founding in 1997.

Production : Production processes of our partner foundries

The investment casting process enables the dimensionally accurate production of cast components with high complexity, high levels of detail and high surface quality. The process is suitable for both small parts as well as cast components up to approx. 100 kg, which are produced by lost-foam casting.

The machine molding process is used in medium and large runs of cast components weighing up to approx. 500 kg. Modern automated molding systems enable high output, dimensionally accurate production of serial parts of relatively high complexity. For larger runs we usually use wear-resistant metal models. For medium-sized runs mostly plastic models are used.

If individual cast components or small runs are required, or if the weight of the component exceeds 500 kg, the hand molding process with resin-bonded molding materials is used. This process can produce components with up to 3 tons of liquid weight.

In the pressure die-casting process, also known as "high pressure die casting" (HPDC), casting alloys with a low melting point are poured into a permanent mold under high pressure (10-200 MPa) and with high mold filling speed. In this process, components with smooth, clean surfaces and edges and a very small wall thickness can be produced. Our focus here is on aluminum die casting.

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